Vihtavuori n320 vs n340

We have recently undertaken some major improvements in the production of our high-quality N series powders. This newest change involves the application of graphite as a finishing step in production.

As always, our smokeless powders undergo a stringent series of quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process.

N340 handgun powder

Our goal is to continuously improve our powders to give our reloading customers every possible competitive advantage in any shooting discipline. In this latest improvement, we have changed the manner in which the nearly completed powder is given its final coating. Graphite is added to the surface of these powders during the vacuum drying stage.

The graphite serves to eliminate static electricity, and makes the finished powder flow smoothly and evenly through loading machines and powder measures. Vihtavuori N reloading powders for handgun and pistol The N series powders are ideal for handgun and shotgun loads.

N handgun powder Vihtavuori N is an extremely fast-burning pistol powder, ideally suited to light, target type loads. It is a single base nitrocellulose gun powder with certain properties that are similar to Black Powder, but with none of the unfavorable characteristics associated with that propellant. Tin Star gun powder is reliable, burns cleanly and has the bulk density you want for reloading the old original Black Powder cartridges.

Delivering this type of shooting performance is precisely what prompted the development of N Consumer package, bottle 1,2 ltr Consumer package, bottle 4,5 ltr Good results. But have been seeing a lot folks using more.

Or it seems. I would appreciate everyones thoughts.

Reloading with USPSA Master Shooter Carlos Anguiano

I was going to buy 4 pounds of But have second thoughts and may try ??? I shoot 4. The load was given to me by Angus. Good luck, Dave. The N will be a bit softer than the N For what we do, I think N is about the best 9mm Minor powder going. I've loaded it with a bunch of different gr bullets, some gr bullets and gr bullets, and it's worked very nicely with all of them.

vihtavuori n320 vs n340

Have you used WST? If so how does it compare? I bought a pound of N for. Doesn't seem to meter quite as good as WST but not bad by any means. IIRC, N was developed specifically for 9x For shooting production with 9mm, N is fine, soft and accurate, if you want the most accuracy out of a 9mm then N is the powder of choice for many bullseye shooters.

OAL will depend on the gun and the bullet profile. Bullseye shooters are using 1. Well, I am one of those who use VV for my 40 and 9mm. It is an accurate clean powder which is more important to me than being the cheapest powder.

I also have used it in my 45 ACP. Works great. I've used both for 9mm minor.


Both are good, N is better. I like 4. Very clean. I recall in one of Angus's posts saying that the best accuracy he's obtained was from N however he had no plans in switching from N I don't know about Paul's load man, I never even saw him shoot Production!

I'm running N 3. Shoots like an AirSoft. I've also shot 4. One of my daughters shot the gun at a match in Missouri and the loads were mixed up and she couldn't tell the difference in them. I love VV N too. But it just isn't commonly available here. I like Ramshot competition also, can't find it.Moderator: SShooterZ.

vihtavuori n320 vs n340

Vihtavuori shotgun load data Moderator: SShooterZ. Posted: Fri Nov 04, pm. Hopefully this will point people in the right way. It's a real shame VV doesn't bother putting out shotgun data anymore, since we don't get anything but here in Finland, except Hodgon's which is about 2x more than VV.

Now, anyone got any vihtavuori based recipes for slugs? Lee drive key slug or a. Nice information, what hull are they dealing with?

I know about difference in price. Now it costs about that much for a 1 jug. I got a deal from Cabela's quite a few years ago. They had been handling VV and decided it was too pricey to handle. Two friends and I bought all they had. I have nothing but the utmost respect for VV powders. I've done some amazing load development with many center fire rifles with several VV powders from N to N The High Energy version and I forget just this second the prefix got some amazing velocities without excessive pressure signs in a few chamberings we used it in, i.

Thanks for the data. I'm afraid I don't know of any brands on the hulls. A kilo of vihtavuori N1xx powder here is around euros, hodgons is about the same for a pound, vihtavuori N3xx powders are around per pound. Do you have any Norma or Nobel Powder available? I always suspected it was Norma powder, it sure looked the same. I would suspect the hulls listed in the VV data are what we define as Eurotrash.

Basically any straight wall seperate base wad hull, i. Cheddite, Cleaver, Nobel, Fiocchi, etc. Posted: Sat Nov 05, am. I'm new to shotgun reloading but I think I've made a misstake, I ordered a bunch of hulls and wads along with one of those hand roll crimp tools modern repro of an old tool. Fiocchi hulls anyway, but there's no reloading data on those and from what I've now recently read, it can be dangerous to use another hull than what the recipe calls for.

I had figured I could've used the load data there in those hulls, and swap out the shot for a slug of equivalent or lighter weight.

vihtavuori n320 vs n340

There is norma powder available here yes. It's a bit more expensive than VV. I did some googling on the shells though. Rio looks like a spanish company, the other names are too generic. I am gonna see where I can get my hands on one.I see on this forum lots of people recommending N and not as many N for. I'm just going to start loading for limited with my new to me EAA Limited.

I've used N for. N is harder to get. Any suggestions as to which you prefer and for what reasons. I'll be loading gr Zero's to 1.

Fast powders N are preferred over slower burning powders N because it gives less perceived recoil. The recipe is heavy bullets and fast powder as long as we are talking guns without comps. Easier to shoot fast and accurately OK, that makes sense. Now, where are you buying N? I normally buy a couple of 4 lb containers at a time and now can not find it in stock anywhere.

In Norway! Norway, great! I'm sure the shipping will be an issue. Even www. I have used N for all my loading 9mm minor with However, I have recently switched to Clays. It seems to burn just as clean, and give a much softer recoil. I'm in the same boat as you I thought I secured four 1lb cans a few weeks ago, only to get a call back saying that the distributor had JUST run out after they took my order.

Word is that VV is notorious for being in short supply and keeping people waiting. That, and the cost is about twice as much as other powders I was shooting N but switched to WST since the burn rate appears to be about the same. Although is dirtier than N I haven't found it to be a problem. Try Solo, just as nice at half the price, is redilly available, and works great in.

I was wondering the same thing.I'm about to buy some powder. I've heard good things about VV N for 9mm. Anyone have experience with both these powders who would care to give an opinion?

As I said, I've been very happy with the but I'm always open to suggestions on making good things better. I also use N for. I've used both but I prefer N in 9mm. More case-filling, more velocity or potential velocity.

Vihtavuori N300 reloading powders for handgun and pistol

I like to run neeners warm to hot, not just squeak by power factor. I use in 9 and 45 and like the results very much. I have never used but have experimented with some. For the 9mm I only use N The power factor is ,58 andIn my. The compensator does not work very well but because of the light recoil it does not need it. I think I will replace the compensator by one with a bigger weight and little compensator holes.

You said minor loads? I wonder which primer you used. In my Region shooters with. A normal primer is possible too, but burning is different. I used a grain PBRN leadWinchester primer, 5,5 grain N, 29,30 mm in length and taper crimp If you use this load it will be on your own risk. In a string of 5 shots Velocity the average was ,20 fps, difference between highest and lowest was 24 fps. This gives a power factor ofI shot several groups with each powder.

The N was just a little more accurate. I have used N under a gr JHP, use about 4. N performed poorly for me but a couple a guys used it a few years ago for steel loads with the gr JHP as well.Man does not live by long-guns alone. We know that many of our readers own. When selecting a powder for the. All the major powder manufacturers make propellants with appropriate density and burn rate characteristics for the.

When we consider the factors that make for a good pistol powder, we think N is one of the best available propellants for the. Vihtavuori N is very accurate, it meters well, and it burns clean, with minimal smoke and flash. Bullseye works but it is very dirty both smoke out the barrel and sooty powder fouling on case.

Though it otherwise burns clean, Titegroup leaves a singular and nasty high-temp flame streak on your brass that is hard to remove. AA 5 is a good choice for progressive press newbies as you use more powder so a double charge will usually be obvious. I like AA 5 but N was more accurate. Clays burns clean but some powder measures struggle with flake powders like this. WW offered excellent accuracy and metered well, but it kicked out sparks with little pieces of debris that would hit me in the face.

Who wants that? I personally tried all the powders listed above with lead, plated, and jacketed bullets. After testing for accuracy, consistency, and ease of metering, I selected VV N as the best overall performer. Forum member and gunsmith Michael Ezell agrees that N is a good choice for the. Mike has also found that WWwhile accurate, produces sparks and a large flash. It was astonishing how much of a fireball the WW created. I was literally blinded by the flash while trying to shoot a match.

I have nothing but good things to say about 2143 after using both. Night shoots are a real eye-opener! After trying numerous powders, I found VV N delivered the best combination of accuracy, easy metering, consistency, clean burning qualities, and low muzzle flash.

The bullet hole edges are sharp because I was using semi-wad-cutters. Similar Posts: Try Vihtavuori N in your. Powder Valley Has It. Share the post "For the. VV is wonderful for 45 ACP. When it was in short supply, I tried VV I found I like it as much or more. It seems to work well with the or grain bullets. I use the VV with Nosler match bullets.

Oh and VV works great in a. Name required.Using a SIG P full size with about a 4 inch bbl. I cannot comment on projectiles however n under a precision delta is my favorite 9mm load. Very acurrate in multiple pistols. I load 3.

vihtavuori n320 vs n340

Easily makes PF. Very soft and accurate. I also loaded as little as 2. Good luck. Of those n is best. But n is a good option too. The others listed are fairly slow burning and better suited for major pf loads in an open gun. An extremely broad rule of thumb with a boatload of caveats is generally that at the same power factor, ammo that uses a faster burning powder such as N will recoil less than ammo that uses a larger amount of slower burning powder such as N Of the ones you have listed, N or will be most appropriate, while the others may be basically overkill.

With so may respected people giving advice, it's had for some of us to decide which way to go. My understanding, about faster powders like titegroup and N, were that they may not be appropriate for heavier bullets since they build pressure very fast and it takes longer to get the heaver projectile moving down the barrel. My impression was that these were more appropriate for and g bullets.

Power Pistol and N were, what I thought, more appropriate for the s because they build pressure slowly. At the same time, the slower powders may be still unburnt by the time that a lighter projectile leaves the barrel and produce more smoke and flash.

I'm getting the impression that many mixtures work, just that some are more safe that others. As for me, I'm just not comfortable with fast powders for heavy bullets. I've seem some calculations that show you can get really high pressures with titegroup with a small reduction in OAL or just a few more grains of powder.

I messed up some 's with titegroup and a short OAL. Someone did some cals and showed I was at 45, cup. For someone like me, shooting production minor, I just don't see any need to go there.

Anymore, I shoot s with 4.